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Auto repair services for Nissan vehicles

Transmasters Transmission and Auto Care, with repair shop in Miramar, should be your first phone call if you are experiencing problems with your Nissan. In business for over 24 years, Transmasters has been providing reputable and reliable service to residents in the greater San Diego area, offering their customers transmission, engine, brake repair and service as well as scheduled maintenance and all other mechanical repairs needed to keep your Nissan vehicle in top running condition. Owned and operated by ASE Master Certified Technicians, all of the mechanics employed by Transmasters are are ASE-certified and up to date on all of the latest automotive technology. All of the mechanics at Transmasters have hands-on experience working on a variety of vehicles from domestic, foreign, and European cars to diesel engines including Powerstroke. All members of the Transmasters team take pride in providing their customers with solutions to even the most complex ... read more

Pontiac repair in San Diego by top mechanics

Established in 1926 by GM, the Pontiac line of cars had a rich history until the brand was phased out of production in 2010 due to GM's Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the restructuring of the company. During its 86 years of production, Pontiac produced some very popular models such as the GTO, the Firebird, and the TransAM, which became a pop culture icon after being featured in the 1977 comedy, "Smokey and the Bandit" and the 80's TV show, "Knight Rider." Even though the Pontiac division ended production in 2010, there are still a lot of Pontiacs owned and out on the roads today. And, just like any other car, Pontiac owners are going to need regular maintenance and repair work done if trouble arises with their cars. If you live in the San Diego area, Transmasters Transmission and Auto Care have ASE-certified, experienced mechanics on staff that have the knowledge combined with hands-on experience fixing all makes and models of Pontiacs. With over 24 years in the automobile repair a ... read more

Common problems with Volvo cars

Volvos have a reputation for being some of the safest and long-lasting vehicles on the road. Stories of owners getting 200-300K miles out of their cars are not unusual. That said, there are several common problems with Volvos that you may encounter. As with any automobile, it's always good to be informed as to what to expect so you can address the issues in a timely manner. If you want to extend the life of your car, proper maintenance is key. So, how do you know when it's time to take your car into the shop? Even those of us who don't have any training in car mechanics know when something simply feels different in our personal vehicles. Other times we're alerted by an unfamiliar sound or because the check engine light is illuminated. With Volvos in particular, this can be an indication that there are transmission problems. Are you experiencing any of these? Occasionally the check engine light comes on for what appears to be a camshaft position sensor failure. Though, with ... read more

How much will it cost you to fix your transmission?

If your car is having transmission problems, there are several factors involved in making the decision to repair, rebuild, or replace. First and foremost — it is worth fixing? Transmissions are one of the most expensive repairs that you can have done on your vehicle. The number of miles that you have on your vehicle should play an important part in the decision process. Statistically speaking, the more miles you have on your car, the more likely it is that the problem with the transmission is the result of a failure of one or more of its internal parts. That means a rebuilt or a new transmission. If problems are discovered early on, the solution may involve minor repairs vs. having to have a rebuilt or a new transmission. These types of problems include low levels of transmission fluid which can be caused by a leak due to a break in the pan gasket or an axle leak. Another less costly repair involves replacing a transmission solenoid which is responsible for controlling the fl ... read more

Can you fix your transmission at home?

A great way to cut down on the cost of maintaining your automobile is to take on some weekend projects yourself like changing the oil or checking and refilling fluids. Some car maintenance, however, is better left to a shop with a fully equipped garage. For example, fixing a transmission yourself requires the ability to lift heavy pieces from the car to gain access and specialized equipment. At TransMasters Transmission and Auto Repair, we have a state of the art transmission facility right on site. And, our mechanics receive extensive training on testing, repairing and rebuilding transmissions. We can have your engine running in top condition quickly, and you can skip the aggravation of an at-home transmission repair. Probably not, and here's why Generally, a home garage is not outfitted with the equipment used in transmission repair. And, the last thing you want is to take apart your car's engine and discover that you don't have the experience or tools needed to fix a tra ... read more

How much does a new transmission cost?

Your car's transmission is one of the most complex parts of its engine. Due to this and the fact that the transmission is continually in use while you're operating your car, it's subject to a significant amount of wear and tear while other engine components are not. So, it shouldn't be surprising that replacing the transmission is one the most expensive repairs that you can have done on your car. Perhaps the most important question to ask is "how much does a new transmission cost?" The cost of a new transmission can range from $1000 — $4000, and there are a number of factors involved in determining the price. One of most important factors is the make and model of your vehicle, with the cost for high-end and imports running higher in comparison to domestic models. Other factors that come into play are the amount of damage the transmission has sustained and whether or not your car is equipped with an automatic vs. a manual transmission. One way to cut down on your repair bi ... read more

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