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How much will it cost you to fix your transmission?

If your car is having transmission problems, there are several factors involved in making the decision to repair, rebuild, or replace. First and foremost — it is worth fixing? Transmissions are one of the most expensive repairs that you can have done on your vehicle. The number of miles that you have on your vehicle should play an important part in the decision process. Statistically speaking, the more miles you have on your car, the more likely it is that the problem with the transmission is the result of a failure of one or more of its internal parts. That means a rebuilt or a new transmission.

If problems are discovered early on, the solution may involve minor repairs vs. having to have a rebuilt or a new transmission. These types of problems include low levels of transmission fluid which can be caused by a leak due to a break in the pan gasket or an axle leak. Another less costly repair involves replacing a transmission solenoid which is responsible for controlling the flow of transmission fluid. Having the transmission flushed as part of your car's routine maintenance can really help extend its life and the life of your car.

Taking care of these minor problems before they can turn into a major issue go a long way to decreasing the chance that you'll need a transmission rebuild or a new transmission.

Getting the job done right

Your car's transmission is one the most complex components found in the engine. Repair costs can run anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to upwards of $1000, depending on the nature of the problem. So, it's very important that you choose a repair shop with certified mechanics that have a lot of experience with transmission repair and servicing. You want a mechanic that can accurately diagnose the problem and give you an accurate estimate of the cost of repairs.

In the San Diego area, Transmasters Transmission and Auto Care is one of the best transmission repair and servicing shops. Located in Miramar, our ASE-certified mechanics are very experienced at fixing all types of problems when it comes to your car's transmission.

When you bring your car into one of our shops, our technicians will work quickly to analyze and diagnose the problem with your transmission, will be able to give you a clear explanation about what is involved in repairing it, and a fair price for the parts and labor.

At the price you can afford

At Transmasters, our top priority is customer satisfaction. We take pride in the reputation we've built over the years and strive to offer you the highest quality of affordable auto repair. We know how important it is to get your car back and in good working condition ASAP.

Call now to schedule an appointment at one of our two locations. Or, come in and discuss transmission repair costs with one of our staff.

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