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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Engine oil vs. Gear oil

Performing regular maintenance on your automobile is vital if you want to keep it running smoothly over the years. All vehicles come with manuals that provide the manufacturer's recommendations regarding maintaining your car. Generally, they'll include a chart of which services should be performed each time your odometer hits certain mileage totals. One of the most important ways to keep car engines in good condition is to have your engine oil checked and replaced on a regular basis. Older models of cars need this service performed every 3,000 miles, but newer models actually require an oil change less frequently. Many can go 6,000 miles or more without needing a motor oil change. Standard transmission cars and trucks require the addition of gear oil to keep the transmission and gearing system lubricated and free of debris. Yes, there is a difference When comparing the appearance of engine oil vs. gear oil, you may be tempted to think they're the same thing, but they're ... read more

Transmission repair reviews in San Diego, CA

The best way to find an excellent auto shop to fix your transmission is to research transmission repair reviews. You want to find a shop with glowing comments from long term clients who wouldn't take their family owned cars anywhere else for service. A google or yelp search for a San Diego repair shop that more than meets this requirement will turn up Transmasters Transmission & Auto Care. At Transmasters, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service. In fact, we feel we have the best customers because they not only keep coming back, but they send their friends and family members to our shop. Listen to what people are saying You don't need to take our word for it. Read our transmission repair shop reviews like this one recently left on Yelp by a satisfied customer: "Sam and his crew has been helping my family with our auto repair needs for many years. They've always offered us fair pricing, fast service and quality results, which keeps us coming back." This rev ... read more

The difference between automatic and manual transmission fluids

Is your car making funny noises or does the engine seem to catch or shudder when the gears shift? It may be time for a maintenance check, with particular attention paid to your transmission. Taking care of your car includes regularly replacing old, dirty fluid with new transmission fluid. Not only will your car's engine function better, but the ride will get smoother. You may be asking what kind of transmission fluid do I need? It can be confusing when deciding what to buy because there are many different options at the auto parts store. The first point to consider is whether you need manual vs. automatic transmission fluid. Although it may seem like a minor detail, it's actually quite important that you use the correct blend recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. One of the main differences to be aware of includes the thickness of the fluid. So many to choose from Because everyday driving can cause a lo ... read more

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