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The difference between automatic and manual transmission fluids

Is your car making funny noises or does the engine seem to catch or shudder when the gears shift? It may be time for a maintenance check, with particular attention paid to your transmission. Taking care of your car includes regularly replacing old, dirty fluid with new transmission fluid. Not only will your car's engine function better, but the ride will get smoother. You may be asking what kind of transmission fluid do I need? It can be confusing when deciding what to buy because there are many different options at the auto parts store.

The first point to consider is whether you need manual vs. automatic transmission fluid. Although it may seem like a minor detail, it's actually quite important that you use the correct blend recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. One of the main differences to be aware of includes the thickness of the fluid.

So many to choose from

Because everyday driving can cause a lot of wear and tear on your transmission, it's vital that you keep it clean and in good working condition. Probably the most effective way to do this is to get your car in for regular tune-ups and choose a high performance transmission fluid to replace the old fluid. However, a trip to your local auto parts store may have you wondering exactly what to buy.

Before you make any decisions, check the owner's handbook to see what transmission fluid type is recommended. You may be surprised to discover that, even though your car has a manual transmission, the manufacturer recommends that you put automatic fluid into your car. This is because it is lighter and less likely to "gum up" in cold weather.

Let your mechanic make a suggestion

Of course, when trying to pick the best transmission fluid for your car, you can always consult one of the expert mechanics at TransMasters Transmissions and Auto Care. They can make an educated recommendation depending on the make and model of your automobile, and can do the work right on site in their state of the art transmission facility.

Stop in or call today to discuss the pros and cons of manual and automatic transmission fluid or any other maintenance topic with our friendly staff. We will take excellent care of your car.

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