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Finding the cause of your transfer case leak

A transfer case is part of the drivetrain system on vehicles with four-wheel drive. The job of the transfer case is to engage the four-wheel drive when activated and to disengage it when deactivated. It splits the power coming out of the transmission, sending it to the front and rear wheels.The transfer case is located behind the transmission, and it's connected to both the front and rear drive shafts. Most transfer cases are either chain- or gear-based, requiring a special lubricant called "gear oil". The difference between engine oil and gear oil is the thickness or "viscosity", gear oil being more viscous. This allows a type of lubrication referred to as "bath oiling". The bottom of the internal parts of the transfer case sit inside the gear oil, and, as the gears rotate, the oil sticks to the gears, keeping them well-lubbed. Problems with your car's transfer case can arise due to a fluid leak. If you are experiencing a bitter smell coming from under the hood of your car, yo ... read more

Does your transfer case need to be rebuilt: Miramar

A transfer case is a device that splits a vehicle's engine power and directs it to the front and rear drive axles of a four-wheel drive vehicle. Common transfer case problems can include the following issues: Difficulty shifting into certain gears Noisy operation in all gears "Jumping" out of the 4×4 low range Leaks from the vent or output shaft seals When providing your repair options, Transmasters auto repair shop is experienced at troubleshooting the issue and letting you know if the problem has a simple solution, or if we'll need to rebuild your transfer case. In addition, we can give you a breakdown of parts and labor necessary for the job, and any pricing involved. We work on every kind of vehicle's transfer case Whether you own a Chevy, GMC, Jeep, or other kind of car or truck, we've got the knowledge and experience to address your transfer case needs. From replacing fluids to detecting and repairing leaks to complete rebuilds, our mecha ... read more

What you should know about your transfer case problems: Miramar

What you should know about your transfer case problems: Miramar A transfer case is a device that splits a vehicle's engine power and directs it to the front and rear drive axles of a four-wheel drive vehicle. It is mounted behind the transmission and both front and rear drive shafts connect to it. It contains either gears or a chain drive system in which the power is distributed from the transmission to the axles. The transfer case will typically have the ability to shift between two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive high range, four-wheel drive low range and neutral. When operating in two-wheel drive mode, the transfer case directs power to the rear axle of the vehicle. The internal components of the case are not being turned under power from the engine. The gears inside the case are being turned and lubricated by the turning tires and wheels of the vehicle only as it is being driven. In the neutral position, the transfer case prevents the vehicle's transmission from being connect ... read more

Even more about your vehicle’s transfer case: Miramar

Click here for Part 1 of this article: About your transfer case problems A list of some more of the basic problems, and some solutions Your transfer case is noisy, or "jumps" out of the 4×4 low range: Your transfer case may not be fully engaged. Stop your vehicle, shift into Neutral, and then engage 4L (4×4 low gear). Your shift linkage may be loose, worn or binding. Tighten, repair or lubricate the linkage as necessary. The shift fork may be cracked, the inserts worn, or the fork binding on the rail. Disassemble the unit and repair all problematic parts. It's also a good idea to Inspect the bushings on the linkage; they may need to be replaced. There are lubricant leaks from the vent, or the output shaft seals: The transfer case may be overfilled. If so, you need to drain it until the fluid is at the proper level. The vent may be clogged or ja ... read more

Most Common Transfer Case Problems

If you drive a four-wheel, rear wheel or all-wheel drive automobile, you will need to perform regular maintenance on the transfer case. For many cars, increasing mileage means that you may run into some common transfer case problems. For example, are you hearing strange sounds coming from the engine or have you noticed that the transmission is not shifting very smoothly? Both could be the result of a problem within the transfer case. Before you encounter a transfer case problem, however, the folks at TransMasters Transmissions & Auto Care recommend you bring your car in for regular checks. Two of the things we'll be looking for are making sure that the fluid inside the case is not leaking and checking that the pump inside the transfer case is not rubbing against the side. This can result in a hole through which the transfer fluid may leak. It's particularly important to note that this can happen even if you haven't seen any leakage under the vehicle. Diagnosing the issue ... read more

Transfer case maintenance

The function of the transfer case in a 4-wheel drive vehicle is to redirect power from the transmission to other systems. For example, it transfers power to the front and rear axles when you shift into 4-wheel drive mode, enabling all four wheels to drive the vehicle. And, the transfer case is what gives you the ability to choose between 2 and 4-wheel drive. Even if you don't regularly use the 4-wheel drive option on your car, you still need transfer case maintenance because, if this component stops working, your car won't run. Making sure to follow your vehicle's regular service recommendations is vital to the health and longevity of your engine. That service should include the transfer case because it plays an important role in rotating and reserving power whether or not you use the 4-wheel drive option. And, transfer case problems, if not addressed, can result in a costly replacement. On the flip side, regular maintenance such as changing out the oil and fluids is relatively ine ... read more

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