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Most Common Transfer Case Problems

If you drive a four-wheel, rear wheel or all-wheel drive automobile, you will need to perform regular maintenance on the transfer case. For many cars, increasing mileage means that you may run into some common transfer case problems. For example, are you hearing strange sounds coming from the engine or have you noticed that the transmission is not shifting very smoothly? Both could be the result of a problem within the transfer case.

Before you encounter a transfer case problem, however, the folks at TransMasters Transmissions & Auto Care recommend you bring your car in for regular checks. Two of the things we'll be looking for are making sure that the fluid inside the case is not leaking and checking that the pump inside the transfer case is not rubbing against the side. This can result in a hole through which the transfer fluid may leak. It's particularly important to note that this can happen even if you haven't seen any leakage under the vehicle.

Diagnosing the issue

When diagnosing transfer case problems, the experts at TransMasters go beyond routine maintenance. We stay informed on the most common problems for various car models so that we can prevent the issue from happening in the first place. For example, we're aware that the anti-rattle clip inside certain 4wd GM models is prone to breaking loose and wearing a hole in the transfer case which causes fluid to seep out. This is something that doesn't happen until the vehicle is in motion, so you may never know it's occurring.

When you bring your car to TransMasters, we'll check everything, including the electric shift transfer case, whether you state there is a problem or not. If we do notate any issues, we will notify you promptly about it and provide a good estimate on what it will cost to fix.

Fixing your transfer case

The San Diego transmission experts at TransMasters are here to help. We service nearly all makes and models of automobiles, including 4wd varieties. Our technicians receive extensive training and certification and are experienced in fixing transfer case problems. With a fully equipped transmission rebuilding and repairing facility on site, there's no need to pay the high dealership prices when repairing your transfer case.

Call or click on the website today and get the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle is in good hands.

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