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Monthly Archives: September 2017

When you need automatic transmission replacement

One of the bigger issues a car can have over time is with the transmission. Automatic transmissions, particularly if you do a lot of city driving, take a lot of wear and tear. Depending on the age and overall condition of your car, however, replacing the transmission is far more economical than buying a new automobile. Before paying the pricey dealership cost for this repair, consider finding an independant shop like Transmasters with experienced mechanics on staff. We have an on-site transmission facility, capable of either rebuilding your current transmission or replacing it if necessary. You don't have to worry about being without your car for too long, because we keep our parts department fully stocked to accomodate all major makes and models of vehicles. You can trust that you're getting quality workmanship at a fair price from our transmission experts. Problem? Diagnosis is critical When choosing a transmission shop, it's important to make sure the technicians on staf ... read more

Which transmission fluid is right for your car?

Making sure that none of the fluids in your engine get too low or dirty is an important step to keeping it running smoothly and extending the life of your car. For things like windshield wiper fluid, there isn't much difference between one brand or another. However, when it comes to transmissions, there are many different types of transmission fluids, and it's very important that you use the correct one. A couple of important factors will go into this determination, including the specific make and model of your vehicle. Another piece of the puzzle is whether you need fluid for automatic transmissions or, if your car is a stick shift, manual transmission fluid. The best place to locate information on exactly what you need for your particular auto is in the owner's manual. Still scratching your head and asking yourself which transmission fluid should you use? Several ways to determine Beyond the type of transmission — standard vs. automatic transmission — which ty ... read more

What should you know about transmission fluid

Your car's transmission fluid is an oily liquid that primarily functions as a lubricant for the parts inside of the transmission. In cars with automatic transmissions, the fluid also does the job of a coolant, helps to transmit power from the engine to the car's transmission, cleans and protects metal surfaces, and conditions gaskets. Automatic transmissions use Automatic Transmission Fluid or ATF which is really a special type of oil. A variety of oils can be used with manual transmissions — regular motor oil, ATF, or even a heavyweight gear oil. Transmission fluid is very specialized, and the type that you use in your car depends upon its make and model and automatic vs. manual transmission. You need to consult your owner's manual regarding the type of transmission fluid that is recommended by the manufacturer. Because the transmission fluid plays so many vital roles in keeping your car in good running condition, it's important to check the level of transmission fluid a ... read more

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