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Even more about your vehicle’s transfer case: Miramar

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A list of some more of the basic problems, and some solutions

Your transfer case is noisy, or "jumps" out of the 4×4 low range:

  • Your transfer case may not be fully engaged. Stop your vehicle, shift into Neutral, and then engage 4L (4×4 low gear).
  • Your shift linkage may be loose, worn or binding. Tighten, repair or lubricate the linkage as necessary.
  • The shift fork may be cracked, the inserts worn, or the fork binding on the rail. Disassemble the unit and repair all problematic parts.
  • It's also a good idea to Inspect the bushings on the linkage; they may need to be replaced.

There are lubricant leaks from the vent, or the output shaft seals:

  • The transfer case may be overfilled. If so, you need to drain it until the fluid is at the proper level.
  • The vent may be clogged or jammed closed. Clear or replace the vent. If your vehicle has extended vent tubes, make sure tubes aren't sagging — this could be allowing fluid to collect, and not drain properly back into the case.
  • It's possible that the output shaft seal is incorrectly installed or damaged. In that case, you need to replace the seal, and check contact surfaces for nicks and scoring.

Need an expert to look at your vehicle?

The initial analysis is free, and on many occasions, Sam has been able to determine that the problem was not caused by the transfer case, saving his customers substantial time and money. Should he require additional labor and time to further diagnose the problem, he'll let you know what your options are in advance. If he needs to rebuild your transfer case, you'll be in very good hands.

Transmasters on Miramar Road in San Diego, CA has been repairing and rebuilding transfer cases since 1989. Sam has been heading up the shop since 2000. They warranty all their work for a full year or 12,000 miles.

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