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Common problems with Volvo cars

Volvos have a reputation for being some of the safest and long-lasting vehicles on the road. Stories of owners getting 200-300K miles out of their cars are not unusual. That said, there are several common problems with Volvos that you may encounter. As with any automobile, it's always good to be informed as to what to expect so you can address the issues in a timely manner. If you want to extend the life of your car, proper maintenance is key. So, how do you know when it's time to take your car into the shop?

Even those of us who don't have any training in car mechanics know when something simply feels different in our personal vehicles. Other times we're alerted by an unfamiliar sound or because the check engine light is illuminated. With Volvos in particular, this can be an indication that there are transmission problems.

Are you experiencing any of these?

Occasionally the check engine light comes on for what appears to be a camshaft position sensor failure. Though, with Volvos, this can actually be due to a failure in the variable valve timing (VVT) unit. Another common problem is a rough idle or hearing a "clunking" noise when your car is first put in gear. This usually is due to a loose engine mount.

A particularly dangerous issue to look out for is if your steering feels loose or inaccurate. In Volvos, the connection between the steering column and rack is prone to heavy wear and tear which causes a change in the overall steering mechanism. If you notice that your car seems to be shaking around when you go over speed bumps in the road, you could be looking at suspension issues.

Fix it the right way

Being aware of the common problems in Volvo cars is a step in the right direction. Perhaps even more important, however, is to locate an excellent auto shop where all the technicians are trained and experienced, and the place gets great reviews from satisfied customers. At Transmasters, we're proud to say that our San Diego transmission shop fills the bill. We repair all Volvo makes and models, and our mechanics are top notch.

The Transmasters philosophy is to provide everyone who walks in the door with friendly, fast service at a fair price. Drop by or call today and we'll make sure your car is safe and sound for many miles to come.

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