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What transmission fluid is in your car right now?

If your transmission appears to be running rough or you believe it's time to clean it and replace fluids, you may wonder what transmission fluid is currently in your car. This depends on a few factors. If you purchased your car new, the type of fluid will be listed in the manufacturer's handbook. If your car is used, you may have received maintenance records from the original owner that tell you what type and brand of transmission fluid was last added to the car.

In either case, when it's time to put in new transmission fluid, your best bet is always to refer back to the manufacturer's guidelines. If you're missing the booklet, you can check the website to see what is recommended for your year, make, and model. Because transmission performance relies on making sure you put in the right type of fluid, you may want to consult the transmission experts at Transmasters. They're educated on all aspects of both automatic and manual transmissions and will know exactly what your car requires.

Is there any way to tell?

There are actually four major types of transmission fluids used in every make and model of car on the road today. Which one your car uses depends on the year the car was made and the specific model of transmission in your engine. While you may be able to see when it is low or even dirty, there isn't an easy way to tell what transmission fluid is in your car simply by looking the dipstick.

Replacing old transmission fluid can be a very dirty job. You'll need to have the right set-up with tools and space to be able to drain it. If you feel it's time for new transmission fluid, working with a certified mechanic can help avoid the mess. You'll also get the peace of mind that you're using the best type of fluid for your car.

What type you should put in next

At Transmasters, our qualified staff is versed in every make and model of car as well as what types of transmission fluids go into each. We value quality and customer satisfaction and are committed to doing good work at a fair cost.

Call to schedule an appointment at one of our locations today. We'll get your transmission running like new.

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