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We’ll tow your car in for free

At Transmasters, towing will be FREE with completion of any repair work which we perform, to get your vehicle up and running again.

We'll tow your car in for free

It's no fun when your car breaks down. It can happen while you're driving down the highway, in a parking lot, or in your driveway. If your car breaks down while you're driving, pull over to a safe place on the side of the road as far off the roadway as possible. Make sure other motorists can see you by turning on your flashers or lifting up the hood. Stay in your vehicle or stand a safe distance away from it while you're waiting for help to arrive.

No matter where you breakdown, if you need to be towed, call Transmasters Transmissions and Autocare for free vehicle towing in San Diego. Located in Miramar, Transmasters has been providing great service to the area for over 25 years and has developed the reputation for being the best mechanics in San Diego.

The technicians on our staff are certified transmission specialists and will work quickly to diagnose your vehicle's problem in order to get you back on the road ASAP. In addition to repairing and servicing transmissions, we also offer engine, brake, and auto electrical service as well as routine maintenance procedures.

Give you an estimate

Some of the most common causes for your vehicle to break down are a bad battery, damaged or broken belts, bad starter or alternator, or faulty brakes. If your car's temperature gauge starts to move up into the red zone, your radiator could be overheating. If your radiator or engine start to overheat, you need to get your car into one of our shops as quickly as possible.

Once in the shop, we'll diagnose the issue, provide you with a free car repair estimate, and start the repair work to get your car back in great working order. We're proud of our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable shop that provides fast service at great prices.

Take advantage of our free vehicle towing within the San Diego area upon completion of our repair work on your car.

And, get your car fixed fast

At Transmasters, we understand that car trouble can be frustrating, especially if happens while you're driving, and you experience a breakdown. So, it's important to know where to tow your car in San Diego if this should happen to you.

Transmasters is a full-service auto repair shop with some of the best mechanics in the area. If you need to get your car fixed in the San Diego area, make sure you have it towed to one of our shops. Visit our website to check out our full line of repair services.

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