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San Diego’s top transmission repair shop: Miramar

When you have a transmission problem, such as a strange noise, gears slipping, or a transmission leak, you want the best mechanic you can get to diagnose and fix the issue correctly, at the minimum cost. Sam Muniraj, at Transmasters Auto Care in Miramar, is a perfect example.

Like a car detective, Sam begins analyzing your transmission on the phone, and continues the evaluation process until he knows precisely what's wrong with your transmission. He'll recommend exactly what service you need to repair your car, and keep it in good running order. What's more, he'll do the work in minimal time at a very reasonable price.

"All in all, it was a very positive experience and Sam is a trustworthy guy," agrees Chet F, one of Sam's many satisfied customers. "I would go back again, and refer friends as well."

Extend the life of your car

With a background in automotive engineering, not only does Sam have detailed knowledge of how your transmission works, but he is eager to show you exactly what the issues are. This can include carefully drawn sketches of the interior of your clutch, gearbox, master cylinder, and flywheel, among other parts, along with detailed explanations. The upshot is that he wants you to understand what you're dealing with, so you can make make informed choices and get the most value from your repair.

From simple repairs like a transmission filter replacement, or topping off the transmission fluid, to more extensive work, such as fixing a leak in your transmission or a completely overhauled transmission, Transmasters will provide what's necessary to keep your car running smoothly as long as possible.

Looking for a price estimate?

The initial evaluation is free, and on many occasions, Sam and his crew have determined that the problem was not with the transmission, saving his customers thousands of dollars, and days of lost time. Should he need to take more time and labor to diagnose the problem, he'll let you know what you're dealing with ahead of time. If he needs to overhaul/repair your transmission, you'll be in the best hands in town.

Transmasters on Miramar Road in San Diego, CA has been remanufacturing transmissions since 1989. Sam has been running the shop since 2000. They warranty all their work for a full year or 12,000 miles (a 36,000 mile-warranty is available).

Want to make sure your call is well cared for? Don't wait: call Transmasters today.


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