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San Diego’s Diesel Car Service

Do you own or are you considering buying a car with a diesel engine? If so, then you might want to investigate the advantages and disadvantages to having a diesel vehicle. On the plus side, diesel engines get significantly more miles to the gallon, so you won't have to fill up as often. Although older models have the reputation of being heavier polluters than cars that run on regular gas, big improvements have been made in this area in recent years.

Some of the downsides to owning a diesel vehicle include the fact that only about 50% of filling stations carry this type of fuel, so you have to plan trips carefully to make sure there's a diesel station on your route. Common diesel engine problems such as the emission of smoke or a sudden decrease in acceleration power, however, are generally easy to diagnose and fix if you take your car to a certified mechanic like those at Transmasters.

More than maintenance

One of the biggest upsides to buying a diesel powered vehicle is that you can expect to get a lot more miles out of your engine than with a gas powered car. The one caveat here is that you are diligent about routine maintenance. Ignoring signs of engine trouble can mean you may face a more costly repair down the road.

The mechanics at Transmasters have the training and experience to provide excellent diesel maintenance in San Diego. When you bring your car to them, you can expect a complete inspection of the glow plugs and cooling system as well as regular replacement of the oil filters, if necessary. The Transmasters goal is to keep your diesel engine running for the long haul, which means not just fixing problems, but performing preventative maintenance as well.

Come by our shop

With two conveniently located shops in the area, make Transmasters your go-to diesel car service in San Diego. The expert staff is trained in the art of fixing a diesel engine as well as the regular maintenance checks that end up saving your car from future problems.

Stop by or schedule an appointment today to speak with a fully qualified diesel mechanic and avoid paying dealership prices.


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