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Quick fix solutions for your car’s AC

Anyone who claims it's always balmy in Southern California has not been paying attention. The weather patterns have been trending toward hot, hot, hot, and there's no question that your car's air conditioner is important. So, when you push the AC button and nothing but warm air comes out, it's hard not to experience a moment of panic, especially when you think about the cost to completely overhaul your air conditioner. But don't worry, more often than not, when you get to the root of your problem, it will turn out to require only a quick fix.

The first thing to do is check vents. Is the air not coming out or blowing only warm air? Both indicate that you likely have an issue with the ventilation system which is responsible for air flow. Resetting your ventilation system control computer is an easy solution to this problem. Another easy-to-fix issue you may run into is an a blown fuse in the electrical system which generally requires only a minor repair to get your cooling system back up and running.

We're not just blowing hot air

Why does is always seem like you end up with car air conditioner problems in the month of August when temperatures are at an all time high for the year? It's one of those "Murphy's Law" mysteries, but the AC never seems to punk out on you during the nice, mild spring months. You can avoid this trap, though, by making a habit of scheduling a yearly or semi-yearly tune-up.

Even if you live in Southern California, it's not a bad idea to book a regular appointment every year in the month of May, for example, to get a once-over on your vehicle's engine and other important systems, like heating and cooling, before it gets too hot outside.

A real solution

When it comes to auto care, prevention is key. Performing regular maintenance can mean avoiding big repair bills like having to fix your car's air conditioner. Automobiles are made so well nowadays that, if you follow the manufacturer's guidelines and get regular tune-ups, you can expect to get a good number of years and/or miles out of your car.

At Transmasters, we'll work with you to keep your car in excellent running condition and to help catch little issues before they become big ones.

If you're having car AC problems, you're probably wondering can your air conditioner be fixed? Stop in or call Transmasters today to schedule an appointment to have your car looked over by the best mechanics in San Diego.

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