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Leaking transmission?

When you back your vehicle out of your driveway or garage and you notice a greasy, red spot on the pavement, it's more than likely transmission fluid from your car. Driving your vehicle with a transmission leak can end up leaving you stranded and walking to the nearest garage! If you've noticed that your car's transmission seems to be jumping in and out of gear, bucking or slipping while driving, these are other symptoms of a serious transmission problem.

The best way to determine whether or not there is a problem with your transmission is to check the fluid level using the vehicle's dipstick. Fluid levels need to be checked while your car is idling and be aware that the operating ranges with respect to fluid levels are temperature-dependent. If the fluid level in your car is below that which is recommended, then it's best not to drive your car because you could do more damage to other parts of the transmission.

If you live in the San Diego area, Transmasters Transmissions and Auto Care should be your first choice for transmission repairs. In business for over 30 years, the ASE-certified mechanics at Transmasters have extensive training and experience in repairing and rebuilding transmissions. With an in-house automatic and manual transmission remanufacture facility, you can be sure that Transmasters can handle transmission fluid leaks and any other transmission problems that your car may be experiencing.

Figuring out the problem

Some common transmission problems that can cause leaks are:

  • damaged fluid lines and/or pan gaskets
  • damage to the transmission pan
  • cracks or faulty needle bearings in the torque converter
  • warped or worn out seals ( the most common cause)

Transmissions are complex pieces of machinery with bands, clutches, gears, and other parts that need fluid in order to operate smoothly. After miles and miles of driving in a variety of conditions with changes in temperature and torque, seals start to leak and parts can become damaged.

If the damage to your transmission is serious, you may be faced with having to have your transmission rebuilt. In the San Diego area, Transmasters has developed a reputation as one of the best auto repair shops, providing customers with trustworthy, reliable service and repair for brake, engine, and electrical problems in addition to transmission issues.

Fixing the leak

Unfortunately, leak-causing problems can happen to your vehicle under normal driving conditions, but having your car regularly checked by a mechanic that you trust, can go a long way to preventing serious damage to your transmission, resulting in a costly repairs.

At Transmasters Transmissions and Auto Care, located in Miramar, they are committed to providing the highest quality service and repair to all of their customers. If you suspect that you have a fluid leak in your transmission, get your car to Transmasters to get that leak fixed ASAP!

Call Transmasters today to schedule an appointment and see why they have a reputation for having the best mechanics in the San Diego area.

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