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Hot rod mechanic

Hot rods are the showboats of classic cars. Able to simultaneously evoke nostalgia while capturing the imagination, the hot rod is an iconic image that can come with any variance of color and racing flames, but the one constant is a powerful and loud, rumbling engine.

However, like all high performance machines, they require a lot of maintenance at the hands of those experienced with hot rod engines. Consistent care is what can change just an "old car" into a hot rod that's a true showstopper.

Therefore, this is a vehicle for serious car fans only who are committed to finding a hot rod mechanic. Hot rod mechanics can be hard to find in the San Diego area. If you own one of these remarkable cars, you don't want to lose it to age and deterioration! Take it in to a hot rod mechanic now to keep that engine revved and ready to awe crowds at upcoming car shows.

Repairs and maintenance

You'll want to find a trusted auto shop for your hot rod. Antique engines require more care and attention to detail than your average mechanic will be able to provide. Hot rod mechanics are trained in the engine parts and maintenance specific to classic American made cars.

You want to be confident that the person working under the hood of your car is an expert when it comes to major engine work such as transmission repairs. In hot rods, the transmission is what makes them unique vehicles in the world of classic cars.

Don't jeopardize the value of your hot rod with any generic mechanic that could lack the knowledge needed to make necessary repairs to your car's transmission. Go directly to to Transmasters Auto Care, the experts at repairing classic car engines.

Start it up!

If you are in need of a hot rod mechanic in the San Diego area, look no further than the mechanics at the Transmaster's San Diego transmission shop. Servicing classic cars since 1989, Transmasters Auto Care is able to complete any vehicle repair from routine maintenance to major overhauls. Unlike other specialized mechanics, don't expect exorbitant rates at Transmasters. Pragmatic and accommodating, they will quickly pinpoint a solution at a fair price.

By far the most trusted transmission experts in San Diego, you will quickly understand why they are the go-to mechanics for classic cars. At Transmasters, mechanics are skilled in American-made models including those with high performance engines. Under their expert care, your hot rod will remain primed and ready for any activity, whether it be the next competitive car show or a leisurely Sunday afternoon drive.


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