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Dodge Caravan transmission repair services

The Dodge Caravan continues to be one of the top choices for minivans along with the Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Sienna. Customers like the Caravan because of its family-friendly features such as the Stow n' Go seating system which allows the 2nd row seats to fold down into the floor, maximizing cargo space. Its comfortable interior design, and affordable price tag make it appealing to consumers on a budget.

Unfortunately, the Dodge Caravans are prone to transmission problems, and, when compared to their competition, many customers have trouble rating the Caravan as a reliable vehicle when it comes to servicing and repairs. Transmission issues range from problems shifting from 1st into 2nd gear, or getting stuck in 2nd gear which is referred to as "limp in mode". These types of problems, along with control module issues, are more frequent as the number of miles on the car increases.

If you are experiencing transmission problems with you Dodge Caravan, you need the services of mechanics who are experts in the field of transmission servicing and repair. In the San Diego area, that would be Transmasters Transmissions and Auto Care. Located in Miramar, we have been providing trustworthy and reliable repair services since first opening in 1989.

Whether your transmission needs to be flushed and the transmission fluid replaced, or it needs to have more in-depth servicing, our ASE-certified technicians will work to quickly analyze and diagnose your problem and will then provide solutions that will fit within your budget.

What are the symptoms?

If you're having transmission problems with your Caravan, your vehicle will show some definite symptoms which may include:

  • difficulty switching from one gear to another
  • getting stuck in 2nd gear
  • gears slipping while driving
  • downshift bump
  • grinding or shaking when shifting between gears

When these types of symptoms appear, it's time to take your van to a repair shop that has experience in servicing and repairing as well as installing new and rebuilt transmissions. At both Transmasters locations, we have in-house, state-of-the-art automatic and manual transmission remanufacturing facilities as well as an in-house engine and drive train remanufacture facility.

All of our repair specialists are ASE-certified, keep current with the latest automotive technology, and have access to up-to-date diagnostic equipment.

Getting it fixed right

Transmission problems with your Dodge Caravan? Head to the nearest Transmasters Transmissions and Auto Care location, and leave it in the good hands of our transmission experts. Our top priority is customer service and, to that end, we strive to provide the highest quality auto care at prices that you can afford.

Let our trusted mechanics take care of any transmission problems you may be experiencing with your van. Call our Miramar location to make an appointment today. Whether you drive your van into our shop or need to have it towed in, we will make sure that, when you leave, your Caravan will be a smooth drive!

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