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Common symptoms of drive shaft problems

The purpose of the driveshaft is to transmit torque from the engine to the wheels. It's set into motion by the transmission and then works to get your wheels rotating. This component has to be precisely balanced, and when it gets out of whack, it profoundly affects a car's performance. In fact, it should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Driveshaft problems can range from a slight vibration to an unusual noise to much bigger issues that can affect your vehicle's driveability down the line. So how do you know if you have a broken driveshaft?

What to listen and look for

Because the driveshaft is finely balanced prior to installation, any sort of vibration is a sign that there is a problem. This generally occurs when certain parts, like the U-joint or bushings wear out. If the driver or the passenger begin to feel the car vibrating while it's in motion, it's time to take it in for a maintenance check. Another indication that there's a problem is unusual sounds.

If the components inside the driveshaft, like the U-joints, get worn or begin to fail, they can interfere with proper functioning. When this happens, you may hear rattling, clunking, or even scraping sounds as the metal parts are grating against one another.

The driveshaft is part of a group of parts that make up the drivetrain, and when it's not in proper working order, it can have a big effect on the driveability of your vehicle. Any vibrations or odd noises need to be taken seriously because vehicle safety is at risk.

What else could it be?

If your car is a four-wheel drive, another part of the drivetrain called the transfer case can be at fault. The transfer case is connected to the driveshaft and contains special lubricants that are necessary to the smooth running of your car. In the case of a transfer case leak, you may notice some of the same indications that there's a problem as with the driveshaft.

Transmasters in San Diego is staffed with transmission experts that can both diagnose and fix the problem and get you back in the driver's seat quickly. And, if you compare the cost to replace your transfer case with other shops, you'll find our prices are very competitive.

Hearing a weird noise, feeling the car vibrating under you. or smelling a bitter odor coming from the engine compartment? These are all potential signs that you may have a problem with your transmission or drivetrain. Stop in or schedule an appointment today, and let one of our certified mechanics take care of your car.

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