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Common car problems when it’s hot outside

Like the rest of the country, it's getting warmer each year in Southern California, and it's not unusual to turn on the news and hear about another heat wave happening near you. The reality is your car needs extra care when the temperatures rise. Whether you're parked in the sun or driving on extra-heated asphalt roadways, it's important to be aware of common problems that may affect your vehicle during the summer months.

When it's hot outside, the AC in your car takes a beating, and you need to pay attention to any changes such as the inner cabin of the car not getting as cool as you'd like. This can mean you need to add coolant to your system. Another item that gets extra wear and tear during the summer is the battery because the heat can accelerate corrosion. To combat this issue, you or your mechanic should clean any corrosive build up, and make sure that the clamps remain properly tightened. Making sure fluids remain topped off and tire pressure stays at the appropriate level are two additional ways to protect your car from the heat of the summer.

Transmasters mechanics are trained to spot potential heat-related issues, and to prevent damage, we recommend that you bring your car in for a check-up before it gets too hot outside.

Protect your vehicle from the heat

A good rule of thumb is, when it's too warm for you to linger outside, it's too hot outside for your car as well. The sun beating down all day can do a number on both the exterior and interior. If you have access to a garage, you should park in there as often as possible. However, any type of covering is better than leaving your auto in full sunlight.

Parking beneath shade trees or a tent, getting your windows tinted, or using a car cover are all good ways to prevent the worst of the damage from the sun's powerful rays. As with engine maintenance, prevention is key. So the less exposure your vehicle experiences the better.

Fixing heat induced car problems

Some of the things to look out for in the summer months are any leaks or puddles that form under your car when it's been sitting. You can often tell where the leak is coming from by the smell or color of the fluid. If there's a sweet-smelling, greenish liquid dripping from the underside of your vehicle, you are most likely losing coolant. Another way to determine what might be causing a leak is to pay attention to your gauges.

Your automobile undergoes more stress in the very hot and very cold months, and you can help prevent problems by getting regular tune-ups and maintenance checks. If you find yourself in need of a car mechanic for electrical problems, AC issues, etc. call Transmasters for an appointment today.

Our technicians are trained to spot little problems before they become big ones.

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