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Car stuck in reverse

A car's transmission is a complicated mechanical system that, essentially, makes it run. The transmission is attached to the car's engine, making the engine and wheels operate in sync with one another. In other words, it keeps the engine turning in time with the wheels no matter what gear you're in. The transmission has a lot of moving parts that interact with one another so it's subject to more wear and tear from friction and heat.

If your car is getting stuck in reverse or you have problems changing gears, these are all indicators of transmission problems that need the attention of a repair shop that specializes in transmissions. Transmasters Transmissions and Auto Care, with two locations in the San Diego area, have been serving customers for over 25 years.

Specializing in several types of transmission repair services, Transmasters has an in-house automatic transmission and manual transmission remanufacturing facility in addition to an in-house engine and drive train remanufacture facility. Their team of ASE-certified mechanics are current on the latest automotive technology and have the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment available.

The underlying transmission issues

There could be several underlying transmission issues that are causing your car to be stuck in reverse. Problems with the solenoid inside the transmission can cause the gears to slip. A "dragging" clutch –one that fails to disengage from the flywheel — can also be the cause of a problem with the car's gears. If your car has a manual transmission, problems with the shift linkage, grommets, or cables can be the cause of gear slippage.

At the Transmasters shop located in Miramar, the owner/operators are ASE Certified Master Technicians with extensive experience in automotive technology and engineering. Beginning with your first phone call to Transmasters, their highly trained team of mechanics will start to analyze the situation and then continue with the evaluation and diagnostic process until they determine the exact nature of your transmission problem.

Once the problem has been determined, the service technicians at Transmasters will recommend the best of course of action to repair your car while saving you both time and money.

Getting your vehicle fixed the right way

Transmasters Transmissions and Auto Care has been providing dependable, trustworthy repair services to the San Diego area since 1989. Their top priority is customer satisfaction — providing high quality auto care at reasonable prices. Check out the many great reviews by satisfied customers on Yelp or go to Transmasters' website and read the posted testimonials.

If you need to get out of reverse so you can start moving forward again, call the best transmission repair shop in San Diego – Transmasters Transmission and Auto Care.

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