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Auto vs. manual transmission: which is better

The answer to this question relies heavily on your priorities. Automatic transmission cars cost more, are more expensive to maintain and use slightly more gasoline. If your budget is number one on the list, then a car with a manual transmission is your best bet. In addition, if you're concerned with the handling aspect of your driving experience, manual transmissions generally give the driver more of a sense of control.

Automatic transmission vehicles, on the other hand, require quite a bit less finesse when driving the car. Since the vehicle itself is changing gears at the appropriate speed, you don't have to keep a constant eye on the tachometer to be ready to switch gears when the RPM's go up or down to a certain level.

Because most consumers value convenience over cost in the United States, the great majority of new cars are equipped with automatic transmissions. Let's face it, multi-tasking has become a way of life in America. How can you drive while talking on your Bluetooth, drinking coffee, and managing the radio if you need to have one hand and part of your brain dedicated to shifting gears?

They both need to be maintained and serviced

Regardless of your personal preference, the reality is that both types of transmissions need to be maintained. Stick shift cars can go a bit further between tune-ups, but the transmission experts at Transmasters Transmissions & Auto Care recommend that you stick to the maintenance guidelines provided by your vehicle's manufacturer. Not sure what those are? Drop in or make an appointment and we'll be happy to educate you on the best intervals by which to get your car serviced.

We have a state-of-the-art transmission facility on site, certified technicians and the capability to perform transmission repair and maintenance on all makes and models of vehicles.

Trusting your mechanic is essential

One of the comments we hear the most at Transmasters is that people are very happy to have found a shop and mechanic that they can trust. Our mechanics have the training and experience to be able to quickly and accurately assess any problems with your car. And, we're dedicated to providing quality workmanship without charging dealership prices. It's why our customers come back time and again and refer friends and family to us as well.

Click on the website today and read testimonials that previous customers have left. We stake our reputation on providing expert service at fair prices, and the proof is in the reviews.

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