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3 simple car care tips

Basic car care is really not that difficult. The are a number of simple things that you can do on your own to keep your car running smoothly and in top shape. The following is a list of simple car care tips that are basic to all vehicles:

  • Check the levels of all of your car's fluids
  • Check the tire pressure on a regular basis
  • Change the windshield wipers if they start to show wear
  • Check the battery for leaks, cracks, and terminal corrosion
  • Check the condition of your air filter
  • Clean your vehicle on a regular basis

Refer to your owner's manual for the correct information on basic maintenance and service. Have your car checked out a garage at least one time per year and follow the recommended maintenance schedule.

That you can do even if you're not a mechanic

Even if you're not "mechanically inclined", there are some things that you can do at home to really help prolong the life your vehicle. Check the tire pressure once a month with a tire pressure gauge while the tires are still cold. The recommended tire pressure for your vehicle can be found in the owner's manual, on the driver's side door jam, or inside the glove box.

Check the wear on your tread (directions to be found in the owner's manual). You can also rotate your tires to make sure that they are wearing more evenly, prolonging their life. Check your owner's manual for your car's rotation pattern.

Regularly checking the level and condition of your car's transmission fluid can help to head off potential transmission problems before they start. Check your transmission fluid a few times during the year. Again, refer to your owner's manual for the proper procedure. Check the fluid level, how "clean" the fluid is; it should be clean and transparent. In most cars, the fluid is red; a dark or dirty fluid is an indication that you need to change it.

Perhaps, the simplest car care tip is to regularly clean and even wax your vehicle occasionally to protect the finish from corrosion. This is especially important if you live in a part of the country that experiences winter weather. The salt and other chemicals used to prevent icy roadways can really harm the finish on your car.

Get started

Living in Southern California in the summer can really put a strain on your vehicle. As the temperatures start to rise, so does the number of vehicle breakdowns. Take some time to go through that list of simple car tips to keep your car running smoothly during the hot months of summer or have it checked out a reputable repair shop.

Transmasters Transmission and Auto Care has been providing excellent car repair and servicing for over 20 years. With our location in Miramar San Diego, our ASE-certified mechanics can take care of any maintenance or servicing that your car may need. Call one of our shops to schedule an appointment. Then, get ready to hit the road for summer fun.

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